"I dug out my jeans from college and they were all too
BIG! "

~ Christine Koster (age 54)

Genuinely what works!

A Personal Training Experience! Next to Lane County Glass on 6th Street in Eugene!

Genuine Fitness is a private personal training facility, providing tailored exercise programming. Instead of telling someone what to do, Genuine's Trainers explain to the individual the benefits of each and every exercise. We specialize in weight loss strategies, contest preparation, and muscular improvements. If you are having trouble finding results at your membership gym, let us write your exercise programming for your specific needs. Even if you are an avid weight lifter, the training expertise found here will surely impress. From individual exercise programming and weight loss strategies all the way into contest preparation, we can show you how to get there.

No fads, no gimmicks, genuinely what works!

No other gym that you will ever attend prioritizes your bodies changes as its mission toward success. Genuine Fitness runs off a more sound principle; your progress is our progress. Simple. Great results is why we are here.

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