No Memberships, No Monthly Payments, No Gimmicks.

Genuinely what works!

A Personal Training Experience! Next to Lane County Glass on 6th Street in Eugene.

Genuine Fitness is a private personal training facility, providing the very best in personal training in the Eugene/Springfield area.  Each trainer is an independent business, utilizing our space as a private training environment to help you achieve your goals.  Our hours of operation are entirely based on the times clients desire to workout.  We are not a membership gym, and therefore provide a private, clean, and personal experience every time you come in. Those who are allowed to train at Genuine Fitness are the most educated, self motivated, and established trainers in town.  We do not have set prices, start up fees, or membership costs.  Your prices depend on your goals, availability, and times you desire to work with your trainer.  If you don't know have a trainer and would like one, use our Contact Form to find one today, or stop on by at 1369 West 6th Street in Eugene to see the facility for yourself!

No Fads, No Gimmicks, Genuinely What Works!

No other gym that you will ever attend prioritizes your bodies changes as its mission toward success. Genuine Fitness runs off a more sound principle; your progress is our progress. Simple. Great results is why we are here.  We currently provide the highest level of resistance training machines, cardio equipment, and free weights.  Amenities include 2 private bathrooms, 1 shower room, 3,500 square feet of exercise space, surround sound music set to your preference, and a non judgmental ambiance.  Want to learn more?  Use our contact form today!

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